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Within the supply of installations for heating radiators production and working, we dispose of many and different solutions, which equipe standard supply. We are talking about special units to realize some special operations to produce radiators.       

  • Battery Screwer-Unscrewer unit: this unit allows to assemble or unassemlble batteries, if during  the automatic test you discover any leak, or if you have to prepare a job order of batteries composed by a particular number of elements.
  • Battery impregnating unit: this unit is usually set to the end of a working line and realize an impregnant treatment to the batteries by the means of silicate special products: in this way you can eliminate leaks you discover before. We produce impregnating units both for painted batteries and for no-painted ones.                   
  • Single working units: we can also supply to our customers single working units, both referring to grinding and element threading. 

For all our products, we can assure the availability of spare parts and additional components (like sound-proof booths, aspirator hoods, screw/unscrew units), which allow us to provide our customers with all-encompassing service.