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Products survey

Turnkey supply of COMPLETE LINE and installations

In the field of the aluminium radiator working, today  Gi-Zeta Impianti is the only company able to provide its customers with a complete working line, from the welding of caps to the assembled battery ready for the painting.   

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Installations for ALUMINIUM radiators

 Automatic installation and machinery for the entire working cycle of ALUMINIUM heating radiators:
Welding machines, Grinders, Threaders, Assembling machines, Test benches. 

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Transfer Machines

Gi Zeta Impianti now offer to its client a new kind of machining lines: Transfer Machine. This machine is able to make mechanical work to any kind of row components. Transfer is composed by multi-purpose stations for boring, drilling and tapping.

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Installations for CAST IRON radiators

 Automatic installation and machines for working CAST IRON radiators: Design and Planning, Cores producing, Cores shifting, Support positioning.   

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Special machinery

 GI-Zeta is able to design and produce special machinery to meet its customers' requirements. 

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