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Main features

Gi Zeta Impianti put serving customer a decennial experience designing and realizing specific item suitable for mechanical use. In particular we developed a specific concept of items studied for a long-term usage through high-level performance and top quality,specially designed for industrial automation systems.

Rotating actuator

 Our rotating actuator have a particular strenght that allows higher performance. We are able to offer two different kind of actuator to solve each solution of the customer; various set-up and configuration for any user needs.

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Rotating Joints

 Gi-Zeta Impianti offer a complete series of Rotating Joints. We supply three different configurations of Joints with high performance: the starting one is composed by 6 air ways, there is an intermediate version with 9 circuit and the top quality 16 circuits, one of the most appreciate item on the market.

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Pneumatic Lever Clamping

 Our Pneumatica Lever Clamping are able to perform highest locking torque. Gi Zeta Impianti experience provide a valuable know how manufacturing clamping, both Horizontal and vertical ones, to lock each item during its working. The Steel structure is perfect for wear resistence, efforts and possible accidental damage.

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Pneumatic Rotating Clamping

 We studied and realized particular locking system: pneumatical rotating clamping, with a solid design and custom for any kind of use. Several configurations allows to use this product with different ferrule, choosing rotation direction and working angle.

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