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ROTABLE series

 Flexibility requirements called for the market, that is always searching new products in the fore-front and diversified by the aesthetic point of view, brought GI-Zeta Impianti to design and realize the new ROTABLE line to work aluminium radiators.    

Designed in collaboration with one of its main customers, italian leader in this field, ROTABLE is the pride of Gi-Zeta production: quick, close, reliable and able to realize all kind of working, from the most simple radiators to the most complicated ones, with corrugated faces.  

 This is thanks to an efficacious combination between an original system to control and move radiators, a refined mechanical design, an electronic management of the automation and of the working with a great but simple tecnology.       
ROTABLE, that was already delivered in four models, immediatley shows its high performances: i.e. working of radiators with corrugated faces, 600 mm lenght, realized with cycle time of 5 seconds around, with very exceptional stopping of the line, to attest high reliability of the product.   

 The effort in this project determined a further important advantage: flexibility and quickness in preparing lines. Thanks to an interface man-machine which is intuitive and simple to learn, its possible to change properties (lenght, profile, conformation) of the radiators that you are working, in very few time.      

In this way, by few staps and little mechanical devices, to pass from a radiator type to another never was so easy.